Auth0 send custom params when login, register

Hi, I’m having a multi-tenant application that wants to use Auth0.

The problem is in our platform email is not unique. One email can be used to register/login into multiple applications.

So we wanted when login, we can send additional custom params, like domain_url / tenant_id?

And we are using a custom-database approach. Currently, for the action scripts, I only see it accepts email / password as parameters. There is no additional properties.

Is there any way that we can implement this? Or it is not feasible with Auth0?

Hi @tandat2209 , welcome to the community!

A single email can be given access to multiple applications within Auth0, any application with the connection the user resides upon enabled would allow the user to login with that email and password to that application.

Or are you saying that the same email could be shared by multiple end users, but each end user needs separate passwords and permissions/access? If that is the case, you would need to use a separate Database connection for each.

This guide may be useful to you too:

If you have further queries, could you please provide a walkthrough of how your users would use your applications idealy and how exactly the email being not unique factors in to this?

did you ever find a resolution to this? I have the same need. The ability to send some additional context during the login to the custom database script. In our case the fact that the user accepted a EULA in our customized login ui.