Auth0 Polymer Element

Hi Auth0 Community,

I’d like to share an Auth0 Polymer element which allows one to declaratively use Auth0 in their HTML using HTML Imports. The Polymer element supports the following Auth0 features:

  1. Authentication
  2. Auth0 Lock
  3. Hosted Pages
  4. SSO
  5. Account Linking
  6. Delegation Token used to call the API of an Application Addon, such as Firebase.
    It also includes a JWT manager that handles expiry of ID tokens.
    You can find the source here . Alternatively you can add it to your project via

$ bower install auth0-element

Caveat: HTML Imports has not garnered enough support across the different browsers & the standards committee. Also Polymer 3 has shifted away to using ES6 modules. While I’m looking to support Polymer 3, if you’re starting a new project and would like to use web components, I’d recommend you to look at lit-element or lit-html instead, which is where the new Polymer direction is heading.

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This is very interesting, indeed. If you manage to release stable versions for Polymer 2 and 3 (when this one is reaches G.A.), please, share with us. You may also be interested in considering our Guest Author Program.

There you can talk about this project and reach a bigger audience (there are other incentives there, take a look if interested :money_mouth_face:).

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Hi @bruno.krebs, thanks! actually the Polymer 2 version is already a stable version except that it resides on the 2.0-preview branch. I’ll update this post once I’ve moved it to master and also when I’ve ported it to Polymer 3. Will definitely look at the Guest Author Program too! Cheers.


Hi @bruno.krebs,

Quick update. I’ve megred the Polymer 2 element to master and moved Polymer 1 off to a side branch. Cheers.

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