Auth0 Online Meetup #17 - Online - August 27th

Using Hasura GraphQL Engine to create remote relationships between Postgres and Auth0
at Auth0 Online Meetup

Any application that has a profile page must make multiple requests to database and/or Auth0 to fully display all the profile information. This is because information is spread across the database and the identity service. We will show how using Hasura Remote Joins, you can natively integrate Auth0 profile data as a relationship with your database. Then with a single GraphQL query, you can fetch a user from the database and their related profile data from Auth0 seamlessly & securely directly from your frontend app.

Tiru is a senior engineer at Hasura, a GraphQL over Postgres platform. He is the lead developer of Hasura Event Triggers which enables serverless application development over Postgres. He is experienced in all layers of the stack from Javascript to Haskell, bare metal to containers. He is also the maintainer for 3factor ( app design pattern.

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