Auth0 occasionally not importing users from custom database on login

Occasionally, not even most of the time, I’ve seen Auth0 fail to import users from our custom-database. Our obvservations:

  1. Our getuser.js and login.js scripts work and “Try” works when tested with the impacted users credentials.
  2. The returned profile from the above test is properly populated with all the information needed.
  3. I’ve stumbled over a weird work around. Changing the user’s email address / username in our custom database usually resolves the issue.
  4. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern in how email addresses / usernames are constructed that would explain this issue.

Not sure if anyone’s encountered anything of the like but here’s hoping.

Any chance the affected users tried self-registering?

This is probably a stretch, but it is possibly for a user to end up with credentials in the Auth0 user / credential database, which would likely break migration, while also not being able to see the associated user’s profile in Auth0. This happens to our own users from time to time.

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