Auth0.NET Dependency Injection Extensions - New OSS Package

Hello, I’m a developer that works with Auth0 on a regular basis and over time I’ve encountered a number of cross-cutting concerns surrounding Auth0.NET that aren’t solved out of the box and the documentation doesn’t cover.

I’ve launched a new .NET package that covers a number of these concerns including easy integration with ASP.NET Core/.NET Generic Host, built in Machine-to-Machine & Management API token caching, and support for HttpClientFactory so MtM tokens can be appended to outgoing HTTP and gRPC requests with a single line of code.

The package is compatible with .NET Core 3.1 & .NET 5. More information is available in the readme:

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Hey there @Hawxy!

Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community. I’ll move it to our “Show Your Auth0” corner. which is the place where our users share this type of content. Really good job!

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