Auth0 Management API explorer too slow

Why auth0 management API explorer is too slow?

On page load, you’ll need to wait for ~10000 milliseconds so the page would be able to respond to you.
Also, after waiting for that period to finally be able to interact with the page, and you decided to toggle the show sample menu, you will need to wait another ~5000 milliseconds so you can see the samples, and it doesn’t save the user context after the toggle.

How to reproduce this?
Visit this link Auth0 Management API v2 and try to interact with the page.
Also, select one of the APIs you wish to use, then toggle the show samples, you’ll be very surprised by the amazing user experience!

This is so frustrating, I mean auth0 you’re receiving a good amount of money per on-production system. We need a value! and speed is a feature. If you don’t have developers I would be happy to contribute to your source code :slight_smile:

Hey there!

That’s quite surprising as we don’t receive such reports. Can you record us a HAR file when you’re going through that flow so we can investigate what is happening behind the scenes of your browser? Once you have that please share it with me via private message: