Auth0 instructions for enabling SiWA do not work

I’ve followed all Auth0 instructions for enabling SiWA on iOS and for web apps, and I’ve gone through the troubleshooting page, but SiWA does not appear as a sign-up or sign-in option in my app’s universal login page. I’ve tested the webapp social integration for SiWA and I get a good user record back from Apple. Seems like something is missing on the Auth0 side which I have no control over and which I cannot debug further at this point. Any suggestions as to what I may have overlooked, or what might be missing from the instructions? What must I do to get ‘Apple’ to show up as an additional social integration on my universal login page?

Hey there!

When you build the integration what tutorial have you followed exactly? We need it so that we have potential steps to reproduce to detect at which step potentially you have failed. Thanks!

Hi Konrad, I followed the tutorials that I linked to in my original post.