Auth0 Inbound IP Addresses

Problem statement

We need the list of Inbound Auth0 IP addresses and ranges.
As mentioned in this documentation, only the outbound IP addresses and ranges are used by the FQDN reverse name, which is not configurable in firewalls. Most firewalls require specific IP address lists or ranges thereof to their configuration of rules, for which we require the lists of IP addresses to be configured in a Firewall for communication in the direction from our data center to Auth0 services.


We don’t have a fixed set of IPs for incoming requests. For the inbound IPs, we depend on our edge network provider. As of today, Cloudflare is used as our edge network provider. They have documented their IPs on the following link;

Alternatively, depending on the proxy capabilities, which need to be checked by the proxy vendor, you may have control over the IPs used if you migrate to the self-managed custom domain.