Auth0 in next.js - is it officially supported?

There are a few tutorials and multiple different codebases for next.js and Auth0 integrations, but the repos are stale and honestly looking abandoned. I can’t build a product based on this. Is next.js a priority for Auth0?

The Auth0 support for Angular is first class and I guess that’s the platform I will go with. i feel that next.js is a pretty serious player though, and they even have an auth0 example in their repo (but another half-baked demo). This seems to be a gap in the Auth0 lineup.

Hey there @markau!

Thank you for your opinion. I checked the repo: and it seems that the main maintainer from Auth0 side is @sandrino-a0. I would raise the issue in the repo tagging him to see what’s his point of view on this. It will be great if you can also share the link to the issue here. Thank you!

I might have been a bit impatient here @konrad.sopala and @sandrino-a0. I see the repo is updated to v0.12 so it seems there is progress, and I think this issue can be closed. I will raise specific questions in the relevant repos. Thank you.

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No worries! Thank you! Let us know if you have any other questions!