Auth0 implementation from NodeJS as a backend API

I have a Angular App at front end and NodeJS as a backend, I have a JWT authentication mechanism setup already at the backend but want to replace that with Auth0 Authentication. I looked into the NodeJS (express) application configuration but it seems it is for complete Web application and not for the API only.

Doc link:

But what I want to do is add an implementation to authorise the user from backend only and not show user the auth0 Login page.

I saw API application as well but did not get much idea. Can you please let me know if I can use auth0 as a backend authentication only and not with front end?

Hi @rakesh_ostwal,

Can you expand on this? Do you mean you want to make a POST request with username and password? Or are you talking about securing the machine to machine (no user) requests?

Hi @dan.woda, thanks for the response. Yes, I want to make a POST call from my NodeJS backend.

I already have a login page and login API that my Angular app is using, I want to utilise Auth0 authentication from backend (NodeJS) end only.

User will call login API from Angular app normally and my NodeJS app (backend) shall be able to authenticate the user and give back the response with access token to Angular app.

Take a look at this flow and see if it fits your use-case.