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Auth0 Extension from a private GitHub repo?


Hey, is it possible to create an Auth0 Extension from a private GitHub repository? Or is it mandatory for the repo to be public?



From what I know, it has to be public. I’m confirming though to be sure. (Will only post back though if I’m wrong.)


And I was wrong, however you have to make the decision when you first connect to GH:

If you change your mind later, you have to disconnect the OAuth app on the GitHub side later. Sorry my initial impression was wrong!


@brock.b - I apologize (again ;). Were you talking about extensions for Auth0 ( As this is the forum for Extend (, I thought you were talking about that product. If you did mean Auth0, the GitHub repo must be public.

Let me know. Either way - I’ve answered for both now. :slight_smile:


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