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Auth0 Extensibility - Node 8 Migration



Hey @andy.layzell :wave: I was able to reproduce this issue as well. This case seems to only affect customers who already had the Realtime Logs extension installed and switched from Node 4 to 8.

As a work around, you can uninstall the extension and re-install it. This should get the Extension back up and running on Node 8.

I’m sorry for the hiccup there - I’ve reported it to the team and they’ll be looking into it.


Hey @fady. That’s great. Thanks for looking into this for us. We can now debug any node 8 issues.



Did the Node8 migration impact the IP address or Auth0 servers? My custom database connection code is compatible with both Node 4 and Node 8. When switching to Node 8, our development (DB hosted in OVH) connection works perfectly fine but our production (DB hosted in Azure) testing triggered a timeout: The only difference is that the Azure VM is behind an Azure Firewall.

Our tenant is US. Instead of allowing only,,, I allowed all IP addresses and our production code works. Restricting back to mentioned IPs triggered the timeout again.

If not a change of Auth0 IP addresses change, does someone has any hint about where I messed up?


IP address issue is solved by using the IP addresses list provided in Hooks pages (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, which is different from the IP addresses mentioned in Rules and Custom database pages. And I tried again and confirm that under Node 8, the long list is required to be authorized. The three IP addresses,, are not enough.

However, now my “Create” script is down with an “[Error] invalid email” even if I provide my own real email address but that’s another story which does not sound to be linked to Node 8 migration


Do you have any news on when this will become available to EU customers?
We simply run a few rules and no extensions. I would really like to test those rules in our dev tenant before Node 4 goes out of LTS.


Hey @niels - the Extensibility panel is now available to all EU customers as well. The deployment has just been completed and tested a few minutes ago.

All customers US, EU, and AU can now access the Extensibility panel via the Advanced Tenant Settings.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary. As always, please be sure to test out changes in your development tenant before enabling Node 8 in your production tenant.


I have experienced the same problem and was able to get the custom DB connections to work by opening the firewall (temporarily) to all IP addresses. I don’t use hooks and therefore did not see an alterate list of IP addresses to try.

@fady, can you provide and official list of IP addresses that are compatible with Node8?


@rschouten the IPs listed by region below can be used. However, we will be deploying a change to the Dashboard to correctly update the US list of IPs (which was the only incorrect one):

For EU:,,,,,,,,,,,

For US:,,,,,,

For AU:,,,,,,,,

NOTE: please refer to the IP list in the Dashboard as that is the source of truth and this list may be out of date in the future.


if my App on Heroku is running on Node 8.7.0, does that mean I can easily switch to node 8 in Auth0 without any impact?

Node 8 Migration

Thanks @fady. Works now.


The migration guide says that all Auth0 Extensions will be updated by April 23rd and that we should upgrade them then. We are using the Authorization Extension ( and haven’t seen any update as of yet for the Node 8 migration. Is this being worked on or is there no update for that extension?


Hey @ltiessen - the Authorization Extension will automatically be updated to run on Node 8 transparently (i.e.: you will not need to do anything on your side).

To give you some additional context, all official Auth0 extensions follow Semver and the changes to the Authorization Extension will be a patch update. patch updates are automatically applied to all customers as they are non-breaking.


@fady If we have added a few lines to the rule created by the authorization extension to return roles, is that covered by this automatic upgrade? It would have been nice if special cases where no action is required by users were noted in the migration guide.


Sorry for necro-posting, but I wasn’t able to create a new topic in the Migrations category or decide which other category may be most appropriate.

I know we are way behind the ball on this issue, but we have not migrated from v4 to v8 yet. We would like to do so, but we have no dev tenant to test on, and given our product lifecycle and the [lack of] complexity of our extensions, we feel it may be acceptable to just make the move.

However, we would like to know if it would be possible to go back to v4 after the change in case we do discover any serious, blocking issues. I cannot find on the docs where it explicitly states whether or not this is allowed.



@svelez Yes, you will be able to set your tenant back to Node 4 via Extensibility panel on Advanced Tenant Settings if any issues arise.