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Auth0 Extensibility - Node 8 Migration



If you are using Auth0 Extensibility solutions (Rules, Hooks, Custom Database Connections, and Custom Social Connections) then YOUR ACTION IS REQUIRED by April 30, 2018. This notice pertains to the public cloud version of Auth0 only.

The Webtask engine powering Auth0 extensibility points currently utilizes Node 4. On April 30, 2018, Node 4 will be going out of LTS, meaning that critical security fixes will no longer be back-ported to this version.

On April 17th, 2018 we will be making the Node 8 runtime available for extensibility to all public cloud customers. We strongly recommend that you migrate your existing Node 4 extensibility code to the Node 8 runtime before April 30, 2018.

If you do not perform the migration, your extensibility code will continue to run on Node 4 and may be exposed to security issues after the April 30 LTS deadline. Details around the migration process and what to expect can be found below. Information on how to enable the new runtime along with our recommendations on how to ensure a smooth migration can be found here.

Am I affected?

Any accounts created after April 17, 2018 will already be using the latest runtime so no action is required.

As part of the process of introducing Node 8 in our Webtask runtime, we ran a number of tests to determine which modules are not forward-compatible from Node 4 to 8. Most customers should be able to upgrade to Node 8 without any issues.

If you are using any built-in modules (i.e.: modules that you do not explicitly require()), please be aware that some module versions had to be updated to work with Node 8. The full list of modules can be found here.

There are behavioral and syntactic changes in some modules that are not forward compatible with Node 8. More information on these changes and how to migrate between versions of Node can be found in this section of our migration guide.

All official Auth0 Extensions will be updated to run on Node 8 by April 23, 2018. Under the Installed Extensions tab on the Extensions page, you will be prompted to install the updated versions as they become available.

Questions and Feedback

The Auth0 team is here to assist you to ensure a smooth migration:

  1. The Webtask Node 4 to 8 Migration Guide
  2. Reach out here in the Community

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Hello, I was following the Migration Guide, but I don’t see the Extensibility panel on the Advanced Tenant Settings page. Does that mean I’m not affected?


Hi @julio.lynn :wave: That’s a good question - I’ve linked to an answer in a previously created topic below. Let me know if you have any further questions/clarifications:


Thanks for clarifying, I only focused on the before april 30 part. I’ll try again on the 17th.


My pleasure and apologies for not being clear enough in the Migration Guide.

I’ll make sure the doc is updated so that the availability date of the Extensibility tab is more explicit. Thanks for letting us know! :smiley:


Anyone else experiencing problems at the moment? I’m presuming this is connected to the release today (17th).

My email templates have been turned off and I can’t save changes on them and turn them back on in the dashboard.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems.


I’ve tried switching to Node 8 but can’t test this properly as logs don’t seem to be appearing in the Real-time Webtask Logs extension. The Rules appear to work though as I can log in to my app successfully - I suspect the rules are being executed but the logging is broken. Switching back to Node 4 causes the log messages to reappear


I experience the same problem with the Real-time webtask Logs.

The same problem also appears when using the Command line tool (wt-cli).


We are currently tracking an issue around this - you can follow updates on the Status page. Once we have an idea of what’s going on we’ll post in here


Hey, I still don’t see the Extensibility tab in my Advanced tenant settings - is this normal? I know it’s supposed to come out today but reading the above comments shows me that it’s definitely been rolled out to some accounts. Thanks!


Hey @air :wave: The Extensibility panel was made visible to all customers . However, we hit a bit of a snag this morning (EST) so we decided to revert the change to perform additional testing and iron out some of the issues that came up. As such, the panel is no longer visible to customers.

Apologies for the confusion - we want to ensure that our customers don’t run into any issues when toggling between Node 4 and 8 based on our learnings.


Ah ok, do you know when they might be back up (or will we get an email or other notification telling us)? Want to make sure I don’t forget to flip it on :slight_smile: Thanks!


I will update this post to notify you and others when it’s available.

We don’t have an exact time we can commit to as of yet - however I can assure you the team is hard at work preparing for the release. We want to ensure it’s a smooth migration for everyone :slight_smile:


The status page Jeremy linked to: is saying that the incident is resolved but I still don’t see the Node8 switch on my tenants advanced settings tab.


See the post from @fady above


Hello :wave: Just wanted to share a quick update - the Extensibility panel is now available to all customers in the AU and US regions. We have performed a number of additional tests to ensure we don’t run into the same issues. However, if you run into any issues - please reach out to us.

Please be sure to test changes on your development tenant before enabling Node 8 on your production tenant.

The panel will become available to EU customers shortly and I will post a similar update when it’s live.

Update 1:00pm EST: Extensibility panel is now available to all tenants in the US region


Hi there,

When we switch to Node 8 we immediately get a problem with using the ‘Real-time Webtask Logs’ where it reports a connection error: