Auth0 Dashboard redirects to create new domain

I signed up for a trial account last year (which has expired). Auth0 does offer a free account option, correct? When I log in to access my dashboard I keep getting redirected to a page that wants me to create a new domain. How do I access the dashboard for my existing domain? Thanks, Mike

Hey there @acedreds and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

This is 100% correct.

Do you remember your previous tenant’s name or email you had initially signed up with? I would be happy to check on this if you could please direct message me those details. Thank you!

Hi @James.Morrison. Did you receive my DM with the info you requested?

Hey there @acedreds, following up on this subject. I was able to confirm that when you initially created the account it was associated with a social login instead of the recent addition of your login method. I would recommend trying it again with a different social provider. Thanks!

I wanted to follow up @acedreds and see if you have had a chance to test this again? Thanks in advance!

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