Auth0 Authorization Extension rule adds 2-3 seconds to /authorize

Hi all,

After installing the Authorization Extension (webtask storage) and adding a single group with a single user, I see that requests to the /authorize endpoint take 2.5-3 seconds to complete, or ~1 second if sending a request shortly after the previous one. When I disable the auth0-authorization-extension rule requests complete within ~250 ms.

Is this an expected behavior when using the authorization extension? Is there any way to improve performance (I did not modify the default rule)? I only need a flat group hierarchy with no nesting, so this might suggest I should switch to specifying groups in app_metadata (although I will miss the groups UI).

Here is the rule debug log: Slow:4:26:58 PM: new webtask request4:26:58 PM: new webtask request4:26:59 -


Hi @shahar1

Have you tried using the built-in RBAC instead of the authz extension?