Auth0 authentication clashing with PKCE oauth workflow from another service provider

We use Auth0 for authentication in our react app and we are in the process of integrating another service that has its own OAuth process into our application.

So far, the new OAuth process is working, however, once we navigate within our app away from the other service’s redirect_uri and go to another page in our application, Auth0 for reasons we don’t fully understand, attempts to re-authenticate, but, it sends the user back through the Auth0 redirect_uri which currently ends up taking the user to a single page in our app every time.

We have a few questions…

  1. Is this the intended way that the app should behave when more than one OAuth process exists within a react app?

  2. We can see that the Auth0 session states that the user is authenticated both before and after the Auth0 redirect is triggered. Is there a way to prevent the Auth0 re-auth from even happening?

  3. The documentation says that it is possible to send via the state parameter a dynamic value that could be used to redirect a user to different URIs, at the end of the re-auth. However, I am not able to find a working react example of this, does one exist that we could see?