Auth0 AngularJS Samples deprecated

When I open to use example of angularJs it says

This repository has been deprecated. Please see the updated Angular Quickstart for guidance.

and when I open the link it says “Angular (versions 2 and above)”. In that case where I can get codes for angularJs

Hey there!

We don’t have such ones as of now as the quickstart and the corresponding repo that you tried to open has been deprecated. For now we recommend using the Angular Quickstart based on auth0-spa-js.

Sure I want to do that but my application is angularJs (angular 1.X) and quick start says : “Angular (versions 2 and above)”.

Do you have an angularJs(angular 1.X) example?

Unfortunately we don’t have such one as we’re updating our projects from time to time and now we have only 2.x that are officially supported. Didn’t research that but as your last hope if you have entire app in angular 1.x is to look through the repos and its commit to check the source code before it was updated.