Auth0 & angular, issue in some browsers

Hi All,

I have been developing a site using auth0 for 6 months now, and only today I realised that the behaviour is different in chrome, chrome incognito, firefox, safari (mobile).

When i enter a full route as url, for example
chrome: website logs in using auth0 in the background and goes to profile, you only see the profile page
in all the other browsers, it first goes to for a second or two, and then only does it redirects to
This means users of all those other browsers first see the main page for a second or two.

Any way to fix that using the default angular sdk?


I did more digging. It seems this is not browser specific. What is, is how long you stay on the “/” page before going to the intended route.

Also, this is only when logging/registering, not when using silent auth.

Any ideas? :slight_smile: