Auth Management API

Hello, I hope you guys are doing well

I’ve been working on a React application using the auth0-react sdk and was communicating with the Management API directly from the frontend (by fetching and updating the user metadata) but then I ran into a limitation when I decided to implement roles & permissions - I discovered that I needed to create a separate API through the auth0 dashboard since I couldn’t find the RBAC toggle when I looked through the Auth0 Management API application that’s created by default on the dashboard (sorry I’m still a newbe at this…)

The problem I ran into is figuring out which audience I should actually include in my Auth0 provider on the client side (the Auth0 Management API audience or the custom created API audience?) - also, how do I connect my custom API that I created through the dashboard with the already existing Management API application simply because I would like to still be able to manipulate the user metadata through the client as well as be able to fetch roles/permissions

Is what I’m trying to do only achievable if I were to move my logic to the server side and create an actual Express application which then communicates with my React app?