Auth code flow - differentiating between flows

Let’s say you have two Ruby apps (I guess it doesn’t have to be Ruby, but I’m using this as an example as the SDK is more manual than React) on different subdomains Ruby app A and Ruby app B.

A user authenticates through Ruby app A, and that successfully goes through the auth code flow, and returns them to their app with their Auth code. When the user moves to Ruby app B, this app has to go through the auth code flow again, except the user won’t have to login again and they will be returned to their app with their Auth code. My understanding is that both of these examples involve redirecting to the Authorize endpoint, and their response is the same, yet they are quite different scenarios.

Does Auth0 provide a way to differentiate whether the user has already previously authenticated through the other app and are essentially just fetching the Auth code, or whether it’s their first time authenticating into either of the apps? It doesn’t seem to