Attempt to invite tenant member returns "Error! feature_not_entitled"

Problem Statement

We are not able to invite new tenant members and we keep getting the “Error! feature_not_entitled” error message. We are a private cloud customer, and the tenant roles include “viewer-config” and “viewer-users”.


The private cloud team investigation uncovered that an out-of-date subscription config and never having automatic updates is the source of the issue when using the RTA directly.


Har file shows a POST to /api/invitations with a payload of:

  "owners": [
  "roles": [

The response is the following:

  "statusCode": 403,
  "error": "Forbidden",
  "message": "Subscription missing role entitlement: admin-rbac-viewer,admin-rbac-viewer",
  "errorCode": "feature_not_entitled"


The private cloud team has manually patched this issue in an updated subscription config which resolved the issue.