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Asay - Decision making made accessible, understandable and participatory


Concept description

Asay is an open source platform for democratic decision making in the digital age. The aim of Asay is to provide users of public or private organisations with the tools they need to facilitate a decentralised decision making process.

Asay is a much needed tool in a 21st century democracy where an increasing amount of debate and decision making is moving from physical to online arenas. We are building Asay first and foremost for citizens who want to help in making better decisions across the organisations and societies with which they engage.


Asay stems from the digital platform of Danish political party, Initiativet, which has pledged to form all of their politics through citizen engagement.

See app here:

Initiativet is built upon two realisations: 1) people are becoming increasingly apathetic to politics and the current political system, 2) political discussions are moving to online arenas, and so, Facebook and other social media become the primary tools for digital democratic engagement, even though that is not what the tools are built for, nor particularly useful in that regard.

During the process of building a platform for Initiativet, we realised that there should be no reason for these tools to be constricted to a Danish political party; online debate and trustworthy voting tools are universal problems for a lot of organisations and societies as they move their decision making processes from the physical to the digital world.

There are a string of tools which seek to solve 21st century digital democracy [Democracy Earth, Horizon State], however most have a strict focus on the voting process and are very opinionated as to the democratic system. The focus of Asay is to build a highly engaging platform, flexible enough to be used by different organisational and political structures.


That’s a really interesting project that I can see making a real impact. Thank you for sharing!


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