Application not silently loggin in Reactjs SPA

I am following the offical link of using auth0 in react app and done all steps and downloaded the sample example and ran.

It is not silently login in using google signin

could you please help me I miss somthing.

Hey there! Can you share with us the link to the quickstart / docs you used and provide any other context as of right now we simply don’t have enough details to help you. Thanks!

I followed this link to use auth0 in react application.
i am getting loggedin and logout using google social providers…but when i refersh the page it takes me back to login page.

is there any other step which i might have missed?
Please help me on this.

Thank you for providing that. Can I ask you to raise this issue in a form of GitHub issue in the quickstart repo here, so we can work on that together with the repo maintainer?

Once you have the link to the issue make sure to share it here so we can ping the maintainer!