App logs users out after just a few minutes of inactivity

I have a Nuxt VueJS web-app and a back-end Python API (FastAPI).

I’m using Nuxt’s Auth0 integration on the client side, and python code adapted from the Python getting started guide on the server side.

Authentication is all working well, except that after just a few minutes of inactivity, the client-side auth state is stating that the user is not logged in and has to reauthenticate.

When the session times out like this, clicking my login link immediately redirects back to the app with the user re-authenticated, i.e. they do not have to re-enter the username and password. I imagine this is a clue? It seems like they’re not entirely logged out, and it may be some other form of softer session expiry.

I’ve maxed out all the session timeout configuration I can find on both the Application settings and the Tenant settings. Any suggestions what else I can do to hunt this down?