API auth0 - Get all Users

Hello how are you? I’m trying to get users through the api, and the total number of users it gives me is 990. Is there a way to get all the users without having to use the extension?

I am doing the query to the api in the following way:
i = 0

token = obtener_token()

while i >= 0:

    i += 1

    url = auth0_tenant + "/api/v2/users"

    payload = {}

    params = {

        'page': i


    headers = {

        'Authorization': bearer + token,

        'Content-type': 'application/json'


    response = requests.request(

        "GET", url, headers=headers, data=payload, params=params)

    res = response.json()

    if(response.status_code == 200):

        for k in range(len(res)):




Hi @leonardo.arevalo ,

Welcome to Auth0 Community! The List or search users endpoint allows you to specify include_totals query parameter that will return the total result count in the response.

Example: /api/v2/users?include_totals=true

Hope this helps!