Announcing Native Login with Facebook Public Beta

Native Login with Facebook-Public Beta

We are shipping a set of APIs and SDKs that make it possible for customers to implement native login with Facebook, the same way it can be done with Apple.

It will have two consequences:

  • Greatly improve the UX for authenticating with Facebook in Mobile apps
  • Will let our customers comply with Facebook’s application guidelines

Check our docs, and our quickstarts Android and iOS Quickstarts.

Compliance with Social Login requirements

In the past months, several social login providers have been increasing their requirements to integrate applications with their authentication frameworks. Specifically, Facebook has been requesting all mobile applications to use their SDK to authenticate:

We collaborated with Facebook to design a solution that will let us authenticate Facebook users in native apps while complying with these rules.

UX Examples

Updated UX:

In Android, the Facebook SDK shows a modal dialog on top of the current application and lets the user authenticate with the user that is authenticated in the Facebook application installed in the device.

In iOS, still shows a webpage, but:

  • It prompts the user to open “” instead of the tenant domain.
  • The webpage can open the Facebook application, and let the user authenticate with it.

Let us know what you think!

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Hi, I’ve been trying to utilize this API to get Native auth working in React Native for the Facebook login flow.

However, I’ve run into the following error: {error: "invalid_request", error_description: "Unsupported Token Exchange profile"} quite a lot when trying to use the beta endpoint to obtain my auth0 access tokens.

I’ve been trying to access the auth0 api through using a fetch POST request.

Is there anything off the top of your head that I’m doing wrong that you know would be triggering this error?


Hi @neil4

That happens when the subject_token_type field has an unsupported value, it should be “”.

I hope it helps,


Hi @andres.aguiar,

Does this support the universal login page on mobile web browser or does this have to use the native mobile SDK?


Same question here. We have a mobile web app (React) using the new universal login page. How could we use the native Facebook app login?

I think this would only affect the mobile apps, but maybe @andres.aguiar will have more insight.


what would be the way to do it with google-oauth2 “Subject_token_type”?

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We don’t support the Native flow with Google yet. We don’t have plans to work on it this year, feel free to submit feedback in our page.



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