Angular Vienna - Vienna, Austria - December 11, 2019

@kim.maida will be speaking at Angular Vienna on December 11, 2019.

Talk Title: Authistry: The Art of Web Authentication with Angular
Description: Authentication and authorization can be daunting topics for many developers, including those of us working in the landscape of web apps. Jargon and acronyms (OAuth, OIDC, JWT, IETF)? What’s the difference between authorization and authentication, and what are the pitfalls of confusing the two? How does cookie-based authentication work? How does token-based authentication work? New SPA authorization best practices?! Let’s demystify the terminology and concepts of authentication and authorization and talk about the features the Angular platform provides out of the box to make adding authentication and protecting routes easier for the developer.

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How was the event? Do we have any photos or slides we can peek at :slightly_smiling_face:

Slides are available here:

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