Allow using any one of 3 unique identifiers for login and forgot password

We would want to continue to allow the user to enter any one of the 3 unique identifiers they want to use to login to the online portals. These unique identifiers are:

  1. Email address - this is not a compulsory field in our system
  2. Member ID - This is an alphanumeric which is not mandatory
  3. Portal ID - This is again an alphanumeric key

The user may use any one of them with the password combination to login to the online portal.

They can also use any one of the 3 unique identifiers to request a forgot password.

Is this possible in autho and whats the way to do it?

Hi @saifuddin

This is possible but hard to explain in a community post. In brief, you can experiment with identifier first flows, or you can have a true 3 ID system. I have worked with clients who have 2 ID systems, things get complex. If you go this latter route, I do recommend Auth0 professional services.