Allow multiple connections in Auth0Lock

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  • SDK Version: e.g. 11.31.0
  • Platform Version: e.g. Node v14.17.3

I have two SAML connections and I want to display both in the Auth0Lock. I have following code to configure Auth0Lock -

new Auth0Lock(
closable: false,
auth: {
responseType: ‘token id_token’,
redirectUrl: this.getBaseUrl() + ‘/callback’,
params: {
scope: ‘openid profile email’
theme: {
logo: logoUrl,
primaryColor: “#6366F1”,
languageDictionary: {
title: ‘Sample App’
allowSignUp: false,
allowForgotPassword: false,
allowedConnections: [‘SSO-1’,‘SSO-2’],
_enableIdPInitiatedLogin: true

But when I start the app, I just see email entry field. I am not able to login.

When I turn on only one SAML connection, the widget works fine.