Aha! SSO Integration Not Working


I have configured an Aha! SSO Integration, however it does not seem to be working. I have reached out to Aha! and they have said that the SAML handoff doesn’t include needed information on their end (Email, FirstName, LastName). The profile in Auth0 has these fields defined, so I’m not sure how to resolve other than ditching it and using the SAML Add-on under one of my applications and writing custom rules.

Hey @andrew10 , it has apparently been tested to be working previously, but we just applied a change that would pick these values from the user’s email, given_name and family_name properties. Can you re-install the integration and give it a go?

Thanks for helping with this one Thameera!

Yes, after reinstalling it’s working! Thank you!


Perfect! Glad it’s sorted out!