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Adding Users to Authorization Groups programmatically

So newly enrolled in the Auth Groups beta, I can add users to groups through the UI, but is there a way to do this through Rules or the API?


It’s not yet available in early access, but will be once finally released.

Thanks for the response! Any word on when the final release will be available?

Hey there @jrmyleecape and @mathiasconradt, to follow up on the question about api access to the groups endpoint, it is available to EA/beta customers. The endpoints are there but not currently listed in the API explorer. In order to use the endpoint you will need to update the client grant to include the scopes to read, update, delete groups first and then get a token with those scopes. A token with those scopes should be able to call groups apis.

Please let us know if this helps you in your quest or if you have any additional questions!

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@James.Morrison Thanks, that’s good to know. Wasn’t aware of it. Searched for the scopes in the Dashboard and didn’t see them as available options, therefore thought they don’t exist yet. I will give it a try once back from holidays. So, this would then be the relevant API endpoint I assume:!/Client_Grants/patch_client_grants_by_id

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