Adding user_metadata to user signed up through google

Hi everyone, i would like to add user_metadata to the user, during a google signup. Im working in a custom login form, using auth0 sdk.
It must be included during the singup moment (pre singup)

  function loginWithGoogle() { webAuth.authorize({
    connection: 'google-oauth2'
  }, function(err) {
    if (err) displayError(err);

        I can add the user metadata, in a regular signup 

          webAuth.redirect.signupAndLogin({ connection: dbconnection,
          password: $('#password').val(),
          family_name: $('#lastName').val(),
          given_name: $('#firstName').val(),
          user_metadata: {
            invitationId: customParams.invitationId
        }, function(err) {
          if (err) displayError(err);

I have tryied with pre registration hook, but it seems that it doesnt for the google single sign on use cases.

Any idea?