Adding Connection attribute in Universal Login

I’ve set up a custom database. Upon sing up with universal login, I successfully create a new user record in my database, but I get an error that says, “We’re sorry, something went wrong”.

My console returns a 400 error, saying there’s no connection property in the request. I understand that this is required when hitting the singup endpoint. However, I’m unable to find out where to add this property when using universal login.

Is it possible? Or do I need to set up a custom UI.

Hi @jmcewenn,

Is this the doc you used to configure your custom db? If no can you post your custom DB script with any sensitive info scrubbed.

Also, could you post the specific language of the 400 error?

If possible, providing me with a HAR file via DM that can help expedite the process.


Hi Dan,

I used this tutorial:

I used the exact scripts listed there. Like I mentioned, the data gets to my cluster. But the authentication process fails on my client end.

I’m at work currently, so I can’t get you the error code exactly.

But does this have anything to do with using Universal Login.

Hi Dan,

Any ideas on this?

Hi @jmcewenn,

Looking into it now. Can you please DM me your tenant name in the mean time? A HAR file like I described above would also be helpful if you have the time.

edit: could you also add the exact error? I cannot find any error with the language you described.

I am seeing successful signups in your logs. Is this something that is happening regularly or intermittently? Is there a different db that is having success?

I messaged you. Thank you!

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