Add link to custom sign up page in New Universal Login prompt

I’m using the New Universal Login experience and I’d like to use the login prompt, but have my own custom sign up page (in my own site).

I’m looking for a way to customise the login prompt to have a link to my custom sign up page (not hosted within Auth0), but can’t seem to achieve this with the New Experience. The link could be anywhere in the login prompt I just need to have a link to the page.

I can see there’s options for doing this with Classic Experience, but it feels wrong implementing a new project using an almost legacy version of Auth0, so I’d like to stick to using the New Experience if possible.

I know there is also the option for progressive sign up where by you complete the rest of the sign up process after the Auth0 sign up, but this has been ruled out by UX constraints.

Any ideas of where I can start with this? Is it possible?



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