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Add custom scope and edit OpenID configuration to Auth0 app?

Can i add custom scope, custom endpoints and some other fields to the Provider Metadata (.well-known/openid-configuration) in Auth0 app? any tutorial/example to do that? for example, I would like to add user_premiuminfo endpoint to the openid-configuration.

Hello @alshaikh.mbc,

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I’m pretty sure there’s no way to alter the data available at .well-known. If you are trying to access additional additional information from a user’s profile, one way to do that is to include the data in your ID and / or access tokens, using a Rule.

Does that help at all?


Thank you. I’ve got requirements to add some endpoints and fields to the .well-known/openid-configuration. Can you explain how to do that is possible.

Hi @alshaikh.mbc,

I’m not sure there is any possibility for updating that. Could you please describe your needs for this (details of your use-case)? We may be able to provide an alternative solution.

There is a testing system that checks the openid-configuration and searches for some specific fields in it. for example:
it searches for the {tenant} endpoint,
it searches for the ui_locales_supported entry and the value must be (en).

What is the testing system?

{tenant} is not a legitimate endpoint. Do you maybe mean an endpoint called /premiuminfo in your own application or API?