Account linking on iOS when using a custom API

  • Auth0.swift
  • 1.3.1
  • iOS 14.0 +


We have an app that uses a custom API and allows passwordless login using an SMS based account. We would like to also allow users to link an email based account. All login is with native UI components … i.e not web based.

The user logs into the primary account (SMS) against a custom API audience. Later they login to another account (email).

The problem is how do we link these accounts? The access token for the primary account can’t be used to link the accounts because it is not a Management API access token - it is for a custom API audience.

How can we get a Management API access token without the user having to login a 3rd time?

I think on other platforms we could use silent authentication but it seems that this is not possible using the iOS SDK with native components.

Thank you!


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