Account Linking Extension DB registration after social registration fails

Hi there,

I am working on a react-native application, using Hasura and auth0.
Everything works pretty well, the authentication/authorization, registration, and login processes are smooth.

I integrated social connections to my app, and as a part of the requirements, I would like to be able to link accounts with the same email addresses.

I added the linking extension (Account Link Extension) without any modifications and I ran into some issues while linking accounts in some cases.
If I create an account (doesn’t matter if with a DB connection or social connection), and then try to use the same email from a social connection, the system behaves as expected; the user gets prompt the linking modal and can choose if he would like to link the accounts or not; The problem occurs when I am trying to add a DB connection to an existing social connection - In this scenario, I get the error “Redirection is not available on /oauth/token endpoint”.
For a few days now I am trying to figure out what could cause this error. I tried to turn off the rest of the rules, for example, assuming that there are conflicts between the rules, but I still got the same behavior.

The Rules I use are pretty standard, and I did not modify them.
Insert-user (
auth0-account-link-extension (Account Link Extension)

Do you maybe know what could cause this error message?

Thank you in advance,