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Account Linking Extension: Broken with Passwordless was primary account


I am not sure where to report this issue on a tracker. Please point me if this is not the correct place.


We have a few social authentication providers along with a passwordless email (via code) options for unified sign-in flow, on a custom hosted page.

We have also enabled the Auth0 Account Linking Extension.

Here are the steps that break the extension:

  1. Sign in for the first time using the passwordless email option.
  2. Sign out from the application
  3. Sign in using any social provider with the same email.
  4. The Auth0 Account Linking Extension is Triggered as expected.
  5. Select continue on the widget

Error: A blank screen with cannot get /wsfed error on it.


There are no errors logged on the application.

However, if you switch the steps 1 and 3, that is use a social provider for first time account creation and then follow the email passwordless path. It seems to work without issues.