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Account downgraded without explanation



I used to had a developer account but looks like I have been downgraded without any notice. Since I was downgraded to the free plan I cannot open a support ticket to check this issue.

Looking forward to providing any information to help to solve this problem.



Hey there @dennyloko!

Can you send me your tenant name via DM so I can investigate it further?

Thanks a lot!


Hello @konrad.sopala,

I’ve sent a DM with the details.



Thanks a lot! Please give me some time to investigate it. I’ll follow up tomorrow cause I need to check it with our sales team.

Thanks a lot!


Hello @konrad.sopala,

Do you have any response to this? My invoices are due to every 19th and would be really annoying if my plan renews again and I’m still in the free plan.



Hey @dennyloko!

Unfortunately not yet. Pinged them again to get it sorted. It looks like a problem on our end and will notify you as soon as I get info back.

Sorry for inconvenience!


@dennyloko I created a support ticket for yourself! Our developer support team will handle this as soon as possible. Wait for their contact please!


Thank you very much @konrad.sopala!


Hey Community!

Closing this one as it is a case dependent on individual account. If anyone come across something similar in the future feel free to ping me or anyone with the Auth0 Employee Badge attached to the profile pic via DM here in the forum or contact us using following:

Thank you!