Account Chooser while linking account

I am using auth.js for linking social connections with my app. I have a similar problem as defined in this ticket but the issue here is that I am trying to link Asana account and prompt=“select_account” is invalid for it. Is there anyway I can enable account chooser for subsequent login for identity providers like github, bitbucket, gitlab and asana through auth0. Thanks in advance.

Hi @huzaifaali14,

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Just to clarify, in the topic you linked, I believe the author was trying to get their users to always select which account they would like to log in with. In other words, they wanted to always show this prompt when the user is logging in:

Is this what you are looking for with Asana in case the user has multiple Asana accounts? Or is your question related to Account Linking when the user is linking their Asana account?