Access social media profile when user is Offline


How can i access the user profile when sign up with social media?
im trying to build a comments section on my app, so when a user access a post i should be able to get the comments and the relevant user information of each comment like the username and the profile picture of the user that made the comment, i dont have issues with the users that login using user and password, because that information is stored un my database and u can get it with the user ID, but i cant store the social media profiles in my database to do the same.

Thank you!

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Hi @lalita960701
Auth0 keeps a user profile for every user authenticated, with a copy of the attributes provided by the identity provider at the time of authentication.

Your application can use the Client Credentials grant to obtain a token for the Management API v2 and access the user profile using the Get User endpoint. This will give you a normalized user profile, regardless of where the user actually came from. This profile is updated every time the user logs in.

Does that help?

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