Access saml application page from golang client

I have 3 webs with saml and i am able o get to the 3 using auth0 and universal login.
Now I need to write a program in Golang to get and excel file from ONE of those using my credentials.
I could thing in different ways to do it but I am lost:

  1. open a request to the ONE saml url and try to get the redirection text and make a call to universal login from my program.
  2. open a reques to the ONE saml url and ry to using the data and auth sdk autenticate my user and make the other request to de ONE.
  3. use the auth management sdk and with my master access obtain the final url to ONE as you can do without user credentials.
    Please help

In path 2) I was able to get the redirection made from the ONE service url, and get
SAMLRequest SigAlg and Signature

<samlp:AuthnRequest AssertionConsumerServiceURL=‘https://MY_ONE_WEB/users/auth/ieb_saml/callback’ Destination=‘’ ID=’_2f1d3d88-2dfe-40fb-b53b-75060c6d6d53’ IssueInstant=‘2020-10-12T06:20:19Z’ Version=‘2.0’ xmlns:saml=‘urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion’ xmlns:samlp=‘urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:protocol’>saml:Issuer</saml:Issuer></samlp:AuthnRequest>,
what should I do now to skip universal login, login using my credencials and the api and make a request to the callback funtion autenticated, I feel like i have to write a whole saml client instead of making use of auth0 api help…

path 3) It looks like impersonation apis are no longer valid in Managament api 2, I would not mind using my cedentians, how can i use Management api to log in in MY_ONE_WEB easy.