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About the Product Roadmap

The topics in the Product Roadmap category contain information and updates on Auth0’s roadmap of recently launched and in progress features. Please read this topic to find out how this category works and how to subscribe to updates.


Each feature presented in the Auth0 product roadmap has a phase of development associated with it. These phases can be described as such:

Launched: The feature is currently deployed and available to customers. The information we provide in Community about launched features will include:

  • description of feature
  • which pricing plans the feature is included with
  • resources such as links to public documentation, or dashboard notification details

Launched features will be tagged as roadmap-launched.

In Progress: The feature is currently in active product development. We can provide some details on features that are currently in progress, such as a summary or capabilities overview. We are NOT able to provide specific launch dates or which pricing plans they will be included with.

When an In Progress feature launches, the associated roadmap topic will be updated accordingly to include the information listed in “Launched” above.

In Progress features will be tagged as roadmap-inprogress.


When a feature is added to the roadmap that has been discussed or requested in other areas of the forum, the Community team at Auth0 will do our best to reach out to contributors of those conversations to direct to the associated roadmap topic. However, there’s always a chance we will miss a reference now and then. If you’re interested in advance notice about new features at Auth0, we encourage you to subscribe to this category for updates.

To be notified when the product roadmap is updated, you can watch this Product Roadmap category. To do so, first visit the Product Roadmap category main view.

Next, click on the button with the open circle in the upper right. You will then see a dropdown where you can select the notification level you would like to receive, as shown below:


Each topic in the Product Roadmap category is dedicated to a feature. When that feature is updated or moves from one phase to another, the corresponding topic will be updated.

Topics have comments enabled, so feel free to engage in discussion on the topics.

If you have product feedback, we strongly encourage you to submit it directly to our Product team following the instructions here: How do I submit Product feedback or feature requests? This FAQ also explains why we ask people to submit feedback in this manner.

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