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New OIDC Connection Beta

The connection will let you federate your Auth0 tenant to any OIDC compliant IdP. In fact, to be more precise, any OIDC IdP that implements Open ID Connect Discovery specification, support the id_token response type and form_post response mode. This makes the connection very easy to setup, you just need the IdP URL and a client_id.

Why is this important?

This connection will make it simpler to federate without resorting to creating Custom Social Connections.

Public documentation is available for this feature here.

We welcome your feedback and reports on any issues you encounter when trying out this beta version.

Please direct any questions or feedback into new topics in this category.


Haven’t tested the new OIDC Enterprise connection yet, so this might just be supported. If my application provides an acr_values value will you forward it to the OIDC connection? What I’m looking for is the same functionality you have today where you forward the samlp:AuthnContextClassRef.

Hi Guys,

Until when this BETA will make to GA for the private cloud customers? Any rough idea will be very appreciated. This is a much needed feature for many.


We currently cut a monthly release of our private cloud version, so this feature will make it to Private Cloud slightly later than the Public Cloud.

Once we ship it for the Public Cloud I’ll let you know when it will be available in Private Cloud.



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Hi Andres,

Thank so very much for your support. For the satisfaction of the customer, is there any time span which we can convey forward?


We don’t share dates in the community forum, as sometimes unexpected things happen that implies we need to delay them, but it will be ‘soon’.

BTW, you can implement that flow with the current Beta functionality. You should not move it to production until it’s GA.

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The customer is the private cloud user. So they are saying that this feature is not available to them in the current deployment. Anyways we will wait until GA is released for private cloud customers.

And we also understand the confidentiality of the dates.

Looking forward to the GA release.