About the Actions category

Actions are secure, tenant-specific, self-contained functions that allow you to customize the behavior of Auth0. Each action is bound to a specific triggering event on the Auth0 platform. Auth0 invokes the custom code of these Actions when the corresponding triggering event is produced at runtime. Actions will work in tandem with Rules and Hooks!

Previous Completed Planned Beta Rollout:

  • October 27th: Beta will open in Australia
  • November 5th: Beta will open in Europe
  • November 9th: Beta will open in the Americas
  • November 16th: Avocado Labs Actions live stream

Action’s how-to blog and documentation are both available now!

We’d love to have your feedback, please join the conversation about Actions by creating a new topic!

UPDATE 5/11/2021:
Actions is now generally available!

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Auth0 Actions Beta is now available everywhere! Be sure to drop us a topic in the Actions Beta category if you have any feedback or questions about Actions!

Actions is now fully available!