AAA using LDAP connector

Hi folks,

I’m trying to implement a AAA authentication flow using the LDAP connector, but some questions arose from the LDAP connector implementation. Basically, I configured the LDAP connector with my Active Directory and could authenticate my user, however, I’d like to implement an authorization flow, I mean when a user tries to consume the services, first he’ll need to login in auth0 and get his access token (or id token in this case), then, he’ll try to consume a service (e.g. customer info), in this point, I’d like to the service denies or allows the request depending on if the user has a valid role.

My question is, has Auth0 a service where I could verify if the user has a specific role or a service that returns the user’s roles? I know I can consult the user detail but I don’t want to exceed the rate limits configurated for the API Management.

If you know a better way, I’ll appreciate your comment.

Thanks for your answers.