3 or 4 party claims with JWT possible?

Howdy - I’m new(ish) to JWT tokens and I’m aware they are used to create secure exchanges of information between 2 parties – is there a way to re-architect this for 3 or 4 party secure exchanges? Or other types of encryption/claims that are more appropriate for slightly more parties?

The logic is something like this and the example is for a 2-publisher ad network and 4 parties:

Party A (User)
Party B (Publisher w/ impression view)
Party C (Publisher w/ impression click)
Party D (Advertiser - aka the entity that purchased the click)

  1. Party A gives Party B data
  2. Party A gives Party C data
  3. Party C gives Party D data
  4. Party A gives Party D data
  5. Party D gives Party A, B, C the same data
  6. Party D gives Party C unique data


Another way to put this – is there a way to package the public/private claims of the Payload so that maybe a public key is used in the payload that can be further unpacked only by the 3rd/4th party with the corresponding private key?

Sorry for any confusion and probably missing some core logic. Thanks much for anyone’s time to explain why this isn’t possible or what direction I should be considering.