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New Authorization Groups Beta We are currently looking for a few additional customers to try our Beta Groups in our Core Platform. If you are currently using Groups in the Authorization Extension or are interested in implementing Groups in our Core RBAC offering, then please send @steve.reeling a direct message. New OIDC Connection Beta The connection will let you federate your Auth0 tenant to any OIDC compliant IdP. In fact, to be more precise, any OIDC IdP that implements Open ID Connect Discovery specification, support the id_token response type and form_post response mode. This makes the connection very easy to setup, you just need the IdP URL and a client_id. Sign In With Apple We added a new beta ‘Apple’ social connection that enables all Auth0 customers to start evaluating ‘Sign in with Apple’ in their applications today. As with all Social Connections, you can enable it in the dashboard:
Topic Replies Activity
OIDC Issuer metadata missing 3 July 10, 2019
User name and email missing in Sign In With Apple Response 4 July 13, 2019
Multi-Tenant & Machine 2 Machine 3 July 9, 2019
Resource Owner Password Grant 2 May 28, 2019